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Lower Body Mobility Course

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Who We Are

    • Purpose of Course

    • Bonus: Chasing Symptoms vs Changing Systems

    • Worksheets

  • 2

    Pre Testing

    • Purpose Baseline Testing

    • Pre-Test: Squat

    • Pre-Test: FABER

    • Pre-Test: Knee To Wall

    • Pre-Test: Single Leg Balance

    • Pre-Test: Subjective Assessment Part I

    • Pre-Test: Subjective Assessment Part II

  • 3

    Foot Education

    • Anatomy & Purpose

    • Mobility, Strength & Balance

    • Barefoot vs Shoes

  • 4

    Foot Exercises

    • Lacrosse Ball Rollout

    • Active Big Toe Extension

    • Short Foot

    • Toe Splays

    • Other 4 Toe Active Extension

    • Toe Interlace Stretch

    • Midfoot Self Mobilization

    • Lacrosse Ball on Calf

    • Ankle Dorsiflexion Self Mobilization

    • Ankle Plantarflexion Stretch

    • Lacrosse Ball on Shin

  • 5

    Hip Education

    • Anatomy

    • Dysfunction

    • Solution

    • Key Movements

  • 6

    Hip Exercises

    • Squat (Movement)

    • Squat (Position)

    • Baby Squat

    • Tempo Squat

    • Hip Hinge

    • Hip Hinge - Loaded

    • Hip Hinge - Inline

    • Hip Hinge – Single Leg

    • Hip Hinge – Loaded Single Leg

    • Hip Extension Self Mobilization

    • Hip Opener – Single Leg Extension

    • Single Leg Hip Opener with Abduction

    • Single Leg Hip Opener with External Rotation

    • Hip Mobilization Rocking Frog

    • Hip Mobilization 90-90 Rotation

    • Hip Activation 90-90 Rotation Foot Elevated

    • Hip Activation 90-90 Rotate Back Leg

    • Single Leg Balance – Partner Toss

  • 7

    Post test

    • Post-Test: Squat

    • Post-Test: FABER

    • Post-Test: Knee to Wall

    • Post-Test: Single Leg Balance

  • 8

    Take Aways

    • Health and Wellness

    • Training

    • 2 Week Challenge

  • 9

    Thank You

    • Thank You!!!

Lower Body Mobility Course: Optimize Movement & Performance

Learn from the experts how to assess yourself and address your limitations, so you can maximize your mobility, improve your movement, optimize your performance and decrease pain.

We go above and beyond your typical stretching or mobility program by emphasizing education, providing self assessments, and demonstrating an array of exercises we’ve utilized to benefit clients from professional athletes to weekend warriors. The true beauty of this course is that it can be implemented regardless of your age or activity level. Whether you’re an athlete looking to optimize your performance, an active adult looking to get back to activities you use to enjoy, or somebody who just wants to be able to move without pain – this course is for you! Along with education on mobility, we dive into strength and stability, key functional movements, pain education, and small changes you can make to your daily routine that can make a huge difference! From our years in physical therapy and strength and conditioning, we’ve come to realize, when your hips, ankles and feet move how they were intended to, it greatly reduces your risk of injury, and allows your body as a whole to get stronger and function better.

What's Included In the Course:

  • Science-Based Education To Help You Better Understand Your Body

  • Subjective And Objective Self-Assessments To Address Your Limitations

  • Cues On Proper Form For A Number of Functional Movements & Exercises

  • Health Education To Help You Feel Empowered And More Autonomous On Your Fitness Journey

  • Printable PDF To Follow Along And Take Notes

  • 2 Week Challenge To Jump-Start Your Path To Physical Freedom

Pricing Information

25% of all proceeds will be donated to the Coronavirus Relief Fund. Please visit for more information on how they are working to stop the virus's spread and provide communities the resources they need.