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Are You Ready To Reverse Your Asthma Symptoms?

Athletes With Asthma

The Complete Guide To Maximizing Performance, Reversing Symptoms and Optimizing Health

Are you an athlete or parent of an athlete with asthma? We know how hard it can be to reach your full potential when the limiting factor is breathing! We were athletes with asthma and have experienced the frustration, uncertainty and restriction that comes along with it. We wanted to run faster, jump higher and perform better, but always felt limited by our lungs rather than our legs.


Not only is asthma physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging, it is also costly to treat. Think of how much money you spend on asthma medication, doctor visits, emergency room visits, gym memberships, training, sports coaching, diet plans and so on. Asthma costs the average patient in the U.S. $3,100 per year!!


Over the last decade we’ve immersed ourselves in learning about the human body and have become Doctors of Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Specialists, and Strength and Conditioning Specialists. Through this, we started Bold Base Performance so we could pursue our true passion: optimizing human performance.


By combining our education, personal experience, and learning from experts in the field, we created a course specifically designed to address the 6 pillars of performance for athletes with asthma. This is a complete guide on education, breathing, nutrition, recovery, mindset and exercise, that gives you specific drills and actionable things to improve your symptoms and performance. This is the only course of its kind and will revolutionize the way athletes, parents and coaches address asthma and athletic performance.


In order for this course to provide the absolute most value to every athlete, parent, and coach out there, we’ve partnered with Kylene Bogden. She has worked with athletes at the highest level and is a leading expert in Functional Sports Nutrition. Kylene is the Performance Dietitian for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Owner of FWDFuel Sports Nutrition!

If you are an athlete, parent of an athlete, or coach of an athlete with asthma, we feel 100% confident that this will be a game-changer for you, just as it has been for us and many others. In fact, we feel so confident you will love this course and find extreme value in it that we are offering a FULL 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

What You Will Get In The Course:

  • 11 engaging, in-depth videos on the 6 pillars of performance and health

  • “The Superpower of Sleep” with videos on Sleep Education, Sleep for Sports Performance, and 10 Steps to Better Quality Sleep

  • “Fight Asthma With Your Fork” by Kylene Bogden with a 4-step system to elimination dieting, sample meal plans, best and worst foods for asthma, and much more

  • “Master Your Mind” with videos on the Direct Impact of Mindset on Asthma, Growth Mindset, and Building Habits

  • PLUS much more on optimizing breathing, performance, and health for athletes with asthma!

You Will Also Get:

  • Printable PDFs to follow along and take notes on every section

  • Personal reflection videos on our challenges of growing up with asthma in sports

  • Self-assessments throughout the course for athletes to address their specific limitations

  • Breathing assessment from the #1 book on helping athletes with breathing issues

  • Insight into our favorite breathing apps, books and online resources

  • Answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions from parents about their child’s asthma and how it affects their athletics

  • Research-backed meditation strategies for improved asthma symptoms and performance

  • Home bodyweight exercise program designed for strength and explosiveness in athletes with asthma (4 days/wk, 10-week comprehensive program)

  • Elite speed and power sports program (4 days/wk, 10-week comprehensive program)

  • 40+ exercise videos with instructions to optimize form and technique

Once Complete, You Will Receive:

  • Certificate of completion for the Athletes With Asthma Course

  • Access to the private Athletes With Asthma Facebook Community with additional access to content and interaction with course instructors


  • Complete Nutrition Bundle

    Asthma Friendly Meal Plan, Sulfite Rich Foods to Avoid, Medical Symptom Questionnaire, Fight Asthma with Your Fork Grocery List and Asthma Elimination Diet Pro Tips FREE ($800 value!)

  • Bold Base Sprint Program

    10-week progressive program FREE ($175 value)

  • Checklists & Guides

    Complete Sleep Checklist & Journal FREE ($45 value) Breathing Mastery Checklist FREE ($25 value) Breathwork Guide FREE ($15 value)

BONUS Supplement Deal:

Access to professional-grade vitamin and mineral supplementation with 20% off all orders FOR LIFE! This includes but is not limited to the ability to purchase from the best brands of multivitamins, fish oil, turmeric and Vitamin D, all delivered right to your doorstep a savings of THOUSANDS of dollars over a lifetime.

But Wait, There Is More:

PLUS: The first 10 people who purchase the course will get: Direct access to Kylene to help coach them through the program, avoid pitfalls, and get the absolute most out of this experience, COMPLETELY FREE of charge! AND A 1 on 1 Virtual Visit with Brad or Tom to answer any and all questions about the course COMPLETELY FREE!

Course Instructors

Bradley Baker


Co-Founder of Bold Base Performance.

Tom Broback


Co-Founder of Bold Base Performance

Kylene Bogden


Co-Founder of FWDfuel Sports Nutrition

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What Can You Expect From This Course

  • Improved energy, mood, symptoms

  • Decreased severity of symptoms, brain fog, pain, swelling, overall inflammation

  • Faster recovery after workouts

  • Improved speed, strength and power in your sport

  • Easier time catching your breath during practice and games

  • You will have clear, actionable steps to improve your asthma symptoms and sports performance through nutrition, breathing, meditation, sleep, mindset and exercise.

  • You will be provided the tools and be empowered to change your performance, health, and life

  • Better control and understanding of your immune system

  • Enhanced mental fitness and ability to focus in crunch time

  • In some cases, if working with the right team, complete reversal of health issue!!!!

Please join us on this journey, and let’s change your breathing, athletic performance, and quality of life forever!

We Are So Confident You Will Benefit From This Course, We Are Offering A 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

**Terms and Conditions Apply**

Still Not Sold?

Listen to our podcast where Kylene, Brad and Tom dive into why this course will revolutionize the way athletes, parents, coaches and trainers will address athletes with asthma.